Moruga Scorpion


Blend 01

"Trinidad" named after the "Trinidad Moruga Scorpion" pepper and its origin on the Southwest coast of Trinidad. Trinidad leads in with familiar traces of vinegar while walking into its peak of peppered flavor and spices! Leaving you with minimal heat and maximum flavor! A respectful version to the few hot sauce companies that opened the door for our craft hot sauce market.

Enjoy with: eggs, burritos, tacos, pizza, steak, wings, ranch, dips and cocktails!






Winter Seasonal



Blend 02

Enjoy with: pizza, fish, chicken, burritos, tacos, sushi, vegetables and chocolate!


"Pineapple Habanero" a universal hot sauce that can be enjoyed by most anyone. The Habanero pepper and fresh Pineapple create a cool, sweet taste that elevates in warmth from bite to bite. Think of fish tacos, chicken, and most definitely pizza! We do caution going all in with this one. Similar to a good time, you may get lost in the experience and forget your adding heat to every bite!

Kana Soor

Blend 03

Enjoy with: eggs, tacos, pizza, steak, salads, ranch, dips, cocktails and popcorn!


"Kana Soor" the hot sauce match, for the flavor connoisseur of spicy heat! Crafted with ingredients from Blend 01 and Blend 02, Kana Soor will instantly spice up your tastebuds and light the fire! All the while maintaining a commitment to flavor and an increased amount of endorphins for your pleasure!



Moruga Scorpion






Cali Verde

Blend 04

Enjoy with: omelettes, enchiladas, tamales, burgers, dips, chips, and everything else!

"Cali Verde" the affective hot sauce that jumps off a cool-lime base with confidence! Then evenly pacing itself in flavor and affect from first to last bite. The heat of the jalapenos presence do not jeopardize this great addition to any occasion. Enjoy Cali Verde on a wide spread selection of breakfast, snack, or afternoon meals and most of all with friends and family!


- Story of Shaka -

The origin of "SHAKA" is commonly defined between two stories of men and their cultures.  Detailed below in order of date not importance or bias, the story of the Shaka is told.  Shaka Sauce and its brand principles draw parallels to each unique story by recognizing that the Shaka is a sign of respect and compassion towards others.  

Shaka kaSenzangakhona also known as Shaka Zulu was one of the most influential monarchs of the Zulu Kingdom. Being conceived during the act of ukhulobonga or "the fun of the roads" for unmarried couples.  His illegitimacy outcast him and his mother to smaller settlements.  In this place he was initiated into fighting units and later served as a warrior under the power of Dingiswayo.  It was his preferred method of diplomatic pressure in defending the smaller tribes against the raids of Ndwandwe that made him a legend.  Occasional strategic assassinations and engaging in battle was the alternative if social and propagandistic methods were not met.  Ironically, the result of his death by assassination from his two half brothers, led to a chain event of murder and turmoil for the Zulu Nation in the years to come. 

Hamana Khalili of Laie, Hawaii lost his middle three fingers at a local sugar mill while running machinery.  In the effort to keep his kindred spirit a part of the company.  He remained on as a welcoming host.  As he waved and greeted visitors, the local children would imitate his gestures.  Later adopting the hand gesture as a marketing ploy to sell cars.  Lippy Espinda used the gesture in commercials and also as a popular star in episodes of Hawaii Five-O and the Brady Bunch.  His use and that of the visiting surfers from California and Australia furthered the popularity of the Shaka. 

- Aloha Spirit - 

Originating on the islands of Hawaii, the Shaka hand gesture is used to convey the "Aloha Spirit." This spirit culminates from a collective idea of simple values: compassion, understanding, and a welcomed sense of family.

- My Story -

Having nothing other than a Shaka to throw as a traveler, I wanted to create something that could be given as a "Thank You" to others. A symbolic gift that grasps the memories of shared experiences. The representation of the logo entails the giver as the thumb and the receiver as the pinky. The 3 folded down fingers are what holds the "Aloha Spirit" between the two of you.

- Chilé, Chilli, or Chili Pepper 101 -

How you choose to spell these fruits are based by where you choose to reference their origin.  In Mexico and Latin American Countries, they prefer Chilé.  India, Australia, Britain and most Europeans reference these fruits as Chilli.  Lastly, as we do with most words here in America, we changed the spelling to Chili.  Which has led to some confusion in the distinction between a "bowl of chili" and a "bowl of chili peppers".


Capsaicinoids, which are produced within the life cycle of a chilé are what bind to the heat and pain abrasion receptors in your nose or mouth.  Capsaicinoids give you a burning sensation dependent on the level of intensity found in that individual chilé.  Note, there is no amount of capsaicin that can physically harm you, nor damage any tissue.  It is also true, that you can build up a tolerance to this burning sensation by depleting these receptors with continuous ingestion.  Knowing this should relieve your fear when offered a new chilé.  The irony about chilés and the beauty of the pain they produce.  Is that the endorphins, (a class of compounds that act as natural painkillers in the body) lead you to a "state of well-being."


The intensity or heat level of a chilé is measured most commonly by the Scoville scale.  Where a mixture of sugar and water is incrementally added to the extract of a dried chilé and tested by a panel of 5 individuals.  The more scientific and less common method is having the extract forced through a column under high pressure for the separation of the mixture for reference as to the range of heat. Imagine a Habanero chilé at 350,000 units to the contents of pepper spray at 5,300,000 units.  Pure capsaicin comes in at 16,000,000 units, which is available in some markets.  If you should find yourself in a position of "Way Too Much Chilé in the Mouth" ...Drink Milk! Remember, no physical  damage will result other than an intense burn on both ends. 


- Worldwide Journey of "Chilé Seeds" -


Chilés originate from Mexico and date as far back as 7500 B.C.  Explorers from the East that were involved in the Columbian Exchange of the 15th and 16th century were responsible for chilés spreading throughout the rest of the World.  Chilés quickly became a commodity in Asia that complimented the others spices being traded during this time.  Upon Christopher Columbus returning to Spain, he presented his gifts to the Queen and among those were chilés.  Columbus referred to the fruit as "Peppers" which related to the effects of black pepper.  Hence, the beginning of "Chilli Peppers".


In Spanish and Portuguese monasteries chilés were grown as a botanical curiosity and later used in medicine.  No matter how or when they arrived, chilés are grown on over 9 million plus acres throughout the Earth.  Creating the opportunity for anyone to enjoy the many unique tastes and levels of intense heat, while sharing in cuisines from various cultures worldwide!    

















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